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Translating & Advertising Experts
About Ru Communications LLC

Founded in Japan in 1998, Ru Communications has been a company specializing in translation, advertising, and editing. In 2015, we established and organized our operations in the U.S. providing translations and various publication services for U.S. and Japanese companies.

Company Founder

Ru Inomata / Ru Policarpio

《Business Content》

  • Ru Communications LLC (Japan/US): Founder and Creative Director  

  • Avanti Magazine (Japan) - Deputy Editor-in-Chief

  • Rurubu, Santo Monogatari, etc. (Japan)- Editor 

  • Nishiko (Japan) - Copywriter 

  • GEOS (US) - Language Educator

  • YBM (Korea) - Language Educator

Authored Works


Dear Japanese Grandchildren』(Sakuranohana Publishing)


This book is about the Japanese colonialism in Taiwan where Taiwanese elders were personally interviewed who have had actual first-hand knowledge and experience of the Japanese occupation of Taiwan between 1895 and 1945.


Let's Speak in Up-to-date Japanese

(Salamin Publishing)


This textbook, published in South Korea for South Koreans, is to strengthen and reinforce Japanese conversational skills by introducing 2000 words that is frequently used in conversations with example sentences. 


Ganso Nagahamaya』(West Japan News Paper)


This book is the biography of Ms. Kiyoko Sakakibara who gave birth to the original Ganso Nagahamaya, the 1st Ramen restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan. When speaking of Hakata, Nagahayama, Ramen will always come to mind. 

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