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​Get Captivated by the Power of...


Creative writing and translation bringing languages in harmony

​Strategic Translation 

A blend of creative writing and translation,

making copies polished, and true to the source.

What is TransCREATION? 

  TransCreation is creative translation to promote and elevate your business.

By experienced translators​


By bilingual edtors


By experienced writers


TransCreation Introduction "Magic"( Japanese Ver. 45 sec.) English

Have you ever had these bad experiences before?
"The translation sentences does not make sense and are lifeless".
"The translated sentences are not original and narrow".

Call Ru-Communications LLC and experience the power of TransCreation


  • Studio o+a: We are continuously providing translation services to Studio o+a (a leading US office- design company whose clients include McDonald's and Facebook).

  • Luxury Card: Ru Communications LLC has been providing translation services for its quarterly magazine since 2016. Luxury Card is the global leader in the premium credit card market providing luxurious 24/7 concierge services. (

  • An Internet Service Company: "redo-translation" project is in progress. This company formerly used the Google Translation for their website but was not satisfied with the results – the translation was not clear, and concise. 

  • Online Schools: The "redo-translation" for a website of a leading learning school in the U.S. is in progress.

  • For more detail: Please contact us.

No more odd translations.

Ru Communications LLC

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