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In English or Japanese

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Experienced Japanese writers/designers create stunning brochures. Efficiently attracting new clients in Japan.


Not only the translation of your website. Please let us do the design or inputting the data work.

No hassle, at one-stop.

Promotion Tool

We offer promotional tools such as name cards, stickers, decorations in English and Japanese.


From advertising brochures to websites, our services in Japanese and English are for your taking. 


Experienced Team

Strategic Promotion

Let our experienced team of directors, translators and designers help you attract clients in the design and translations of your promotional tools.

Japanese Translation & AD Agency

Ru Communications LLC

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  • Japanese editor/writer: At least 3 years of experience in the publishing industry

  • Translator: 5+ years in experience

  • Intern: Someone who wants to learn editing and translation work

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