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Created by Japanese writers at the forefront of the editing industry


Is your market in Japan and/or in the US? Let our creators do your project to bring-out the best result.


Editing will be overseen by professional editors who have worked under large renowned magazine companies in Japan and the US. We do conceptual writing, editing, to photo-shooting.


We do corporate and personal biography. Do you want to pass your stories onto the next generation? 


Our services include finding a Japanese media, copywriting, design, printing, and photo shooting in Japan. 




YES, We are Fussy.

Translators are not copywriters.
We provide a blend of translation and power writing removing ambiguous headlines and unpolished sentences.

Japanese Translation & AD Agency

Ru Communications LLC

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  • Japanese editor/writer: At least 3 years of experience in the publishing industry

  • Translator: 5+ years in experience

  • Intern: Someone who wants to learn editing and translation work

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