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Ru Communications LLC

Design Works

​From concept making to editing and design

One-stop Service

We do more than translation. Call us to discuss your other needs.

Ru Communications LLC


Experienced Japanese writers/designers create stunning brochures. Efficiently attracting

new clients in Japan.

Ru Communications LLC


The editor who has worked for renowned magazines such as "Santo Monogatari" will be in charge of your publishing.

Ru Communications LLC


We not only do website translations; we also provide website design; and website data input – one-stop-service.

Ru Communications LLC


From concept making to editing, design, and photo shooting.

We know how to attract

Japanese people powerfully.


Experienced Team

Delivering the message

Why outsource your project to different vendors when Ru Communications LLC can provide the services you need in one place? Contact us, and we will understand and deliver the services you need.

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