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Gripping and Captivating


Do you need help with translations for publishing? 

We make a difference

Language translations differ in the delivery, in structure, in articulation, and in the cultural foundation of the language. We meld these differences to capture the reader’s imagination and attention.

We stir your heart

Our translators and writers join forces until the spirit and essence of the words that tugs the emotion and heart of the reader is captured. Our work ethic is collaboration.

One-stop-shop service

Other services we provide beyond translations are Branding, Design, Editing and Photo Shooting.

TransCreation is our solution

ransCreation Introduction "Magic"( Japanese Ver. 45 sec.) English


​Translator's Commitment

Do the translated sentences shake your soul?

Richard Dorf

Japanese-to-English Translator

Other Services

Ru Communications LLC

Our writers are at the forefront of the Japanese publishing industry, in the US and Japan.

Ru Communications LLC

One-stop destination for all your publishing needs, such as design and data input.

Ru Communications LLC

From advertising brochures to websites in Japanese or English. 

Ru Communications LLC
Ru Communications LLC

​ About Ru Communication LLC

Translating & Advertising Experts

Founded in Japan in 1998, Ru Communications has been a company specializing in translation, advertising, and editing. We moved its base to the U.S. in 2015, and here also we have been translating and creating various publications for U.S. and Japanese companies.

Proven Services to Our Clients

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Ru Communications LLC

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